Lin Yun Heng is a portrait & travel landscape photography enthusiast based in Singapore.

Lin's unique nostalgic style has captured the attention of many. Lin first started taking pictures when he was 15 years old, shooting on a Samsung mirrorless camera. His creative eye has allowed him to capture unique angles and images that tell a story. Portraiture has been his favourite genre of photography because it allowed him to capture people's raw emotion and feelings, as well as the story-telling aspect of photography which is what inspires him and drives him forward. His work has been featured on numerous social media apps such as Instagram, VSCO and EyeEm as visual inspirations. His work were featured at the National Museum of Singapore under the theme "Our National Identity". Lin shoots on Sony Full Frame Mirrorless and prefers using prime lenses as it forces him to think out of the box and also allows him to develop his own unique style of shots. He is also the brand ambassador for Olympus Singapore's OM-D EM5 Mark III mirrorless camera. In his spare time, Lin likes to go bowling and cook different cuisines 


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